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Stop the War - and its critics

Andrew Murray, chair of the Stop-the-War Coalition from 2001 to 2011, dissects the charges that its opponents bring against Britain’s most successful progressive political movement.

Andrew Murray is the author of several books and on political and trade union matters, including The Empire and Ukraine (Manifesto Press 2015) Flashpoint World War III (1997), Off the Rails (2001), A New Labour Nightmare: Return of the Awkward Squad (2003), Stop the War: The Story of Britain’s Biggest Mass Movement (with Lindsey German, 2005), The T&G Story (2008) and The Imperial Controversy (Manifesto Press 2009)

The Minister for Poetry Has Decreed

Higgins Poems CoverPoems by Kevin Higgins

£5.99 (plus £1.50 p&p) 48 pp ISBN 978 19074641889

The Minister for Poetry Has Decreed is political poetry of the highest order, telling truth to power and poking fun at it at the same time, artistically deploying a profoundly moral sense of justice and truth to expose lies, evasions, greed and sheer stupidity.
Kevin Higgins, like Bertolt Brecht, has a gift for exposing the hypocrisies and deceits which are inevitably generated by a political culture which ignores, denies or seeks to legitimise the legalised robbery that passes for capitalist economic arrangements. And like Brecht he does it in a wickedly simple, accessible, entertaining style.

“Ireland’s accomplished political poet and satirist”,
- Diarmaid Ferriter, The Irish Times

“I read this twice. Now, will make a coffee and read it again.”
- Gene Kerrigan, The Sunday Independent

“Likely the mostly widely read living poet in Ireland”,
- The Stinging Fly magazine.